Monasteries in Bodh Gaya :

Monestries in Bodh Gaya also known as Temples.There are three types of monestry in bodhgaya that are as follows :-

Thai Monestry in Bodh Gaya :- Thai Monestry was built in 1956 by Thailand Monarch at the request of India prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. And it is a kind of temple,this temple display the elegance of thai architecture. The temple houses is curved statue of Lord Buddha. A 25m high statue of Lord Buddha has recently built in the garden near the Wat thai Temple. This temple stand facing the main road.

Royal Bhutan Monestry in Bodh Gaya :- Royal Bhutan Monestry is one of the famous monastery in Bodhgaya, which is decorated and curved with ornamental architectural style, host a manificant temple alongwith a rest house for a Bhutanese monks. Inside it there is seven feet high statue of the Lord Buddha. It is situated at near Birla Road in Bodhgaya , like other monestries it has its guest house.

Burmese Vihara Monestry in Bodh Gaya :- Burmese Vihara Monestry is covered by fully green garden,that boasts which has a large collection of books(in many languages). A lots of students and scholars often enroll for spiritual cursesthat are conducted at this monestry.

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