The Cheapest Flights to Bodh Gaya , Bihar

Bodh gaya is a holy and religious place for buddhist so lots of people from all aruond the world visit this sacred destination. There are thousands of people from the india as well well as from abroad go bodh gaya to see the bodhi tree and mahabodhi temple. Hence, there are several flights which connects to bodh gaya from various parts of india and abroad countries like bhutan, thailand, singapore,sri lanka, myanmar many more countries. Following are the flights schedule of different countries.

Durk Air, Bhutan : The people of bhutan can come bodh gaya by boarding to druk airlines which takes off every friday from paro to gaya. Departure time is 11:00 and arrival time is 11:40. it again takes off from gaya to bangkok departure time 12:10 and arrives at 16:40.

Thai Airways : Thailand Airways takes off on every tuesday,thursday and saturday from bangkok to gaya departure time is 12:10 and arrival time is 14:00. it again takes off from gaya to to varanasi at 14:45 and arrives at 15:35.

Myanmar Airways International : The people of myanmar can come to bodh gaya by bording into myanmar airways which departs from yangon to gaya at 9:00 and arrives at 10:20.

on some special occasion the government of india makes collabration with abroad countries to take off special flights.

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