Excursions Bodh Gaya are the followings :-

Gaya : 13Km from the Bodhgaya, Gaya is a very sacred pilgrim for the Hindus. They offer obslation for salvation for their dead parents and forefathers. The temple of Vishnupad o the bank of river Falgu attracts a very large number of pilgrims.

Barber Cave : The Barbar and Nagarjuni hills are situated about 41km from Bodhgaya(25km north of Gaya) and contain, in all seven rock-cut caves of which four are in the Barber hills. It is an important archaeological sites. The caves curved out from soiled rock bear which detail life of Lord Buddha.

These two caves dedicated by Ashoka to Ajivika monks, are in the form of a plainrectangular outer hall.

Karan Chaupa Cave : The entire decorate of the cave, excluding the platform, bears a high polish. The entrance is in 'Egyptian form'.

Sudama Cave : Sudama cave consist of two chamber. Its entrance is in 'Egyptian Form'.

Lomas Rishi Cave : Lomas Rishi Cave has only walls of the outer rooms that are polished and it also is in 'Eguptian form'.

Vishva Zopri Cave : This cave consist of outer apartment, having a high polish on its wall and flat roof. An inscription record is found on the right hand wall.

Several Hindu Temple are located in or around the complex. Many of them has Buddha statues. Here Buddha is worship has a 9th incarnation of Lord 'Vishu'.

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