Resorts Available in Bodh Gaya For Travellers

Bodh Gaya is the one of the most important holy place for Buddhism which is situated on the bank of river Niranjana. It is a plce which is situated in the state of Bihar. It is famous because there Gautama Buddha has obtained enlightenment under a banyan tree, the Bodhi tree. The main temple is the Mahabodhi temple/statue under which the Buddha enlightened. There are the Lotus Pond or meditation garden inside the Mahabodhi temple. Bodh Gaya has temples from many other nations with a tradition of Buddhism.

Bodh Gaya Resorts :- There are many resorts are available for visitors to stay in Bodh Gaya and to travel easily without spending lots of time and effort. All resorts have specific features, it is depend on visitors according to their financial situation which they offers. Some of them are:- Niranjana resort, Sambodhi Retreat, Hotel Lumbini International etc .

Sambodhi Retreat :- It is located at 4 km away from Mahabodhi temple. It is a luxurious resort, which offers to visitors for a peaceful and relaxing environment. It offers a number of features for visitors to ensure a comfortable zone. It provides all necessary elements including: ac room service, Internet connection, security and doctor. It has alao a marvellous meeting and conference hall for business professional.

Niranjana Resort :- It is situated in the Bodh Gaya which is the holy land of Buddha. In this resort all rooms are designed in bamboo cottage style, having A.C, Room heater, LED t.v., Geaser and high speed Internet connection. It also have a meeting room which is suitable for 100 persons.

Hotel Lumbini International :- it is located at Buddha statue road with a peaceful and relax environment. Its services makes a memorable holiday for guests. It has all necessary elements which is suitable for guests to stay here. Guests can visit many temlpes and places easily from here because it is only 1 km away from Muchalinda pond and 2 km away from Maha Bodhi Temple.

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