Read About Bodh Gaya Bodhi Tree

Boddhi tree in bodhgaya is famous for its tree, most of the people across the world come here to this largest tree. It is that place where Prince Siddharta Guatama mediating beneath the tree and attained enlightment and became the buddha. Boddhi Tree is recognisable by its heart form leaves, which are usually outstanding displayed. According to buddhist, Guatam Buddh finally abandoned years of fasting by taking milk and honey from a young women. He sat down beneath the Bodhi Tree and try to vowed until he attained the enlightenment, he sat beneath this tree for a week.

The leaves of the tree was unusual, being cordate in shape with a distinct extended tip. In 3rd centuryBC, the emperor Ashoka's daughter sanghamitta bought a branch of the this bodhi tree and planted it in Anuradhapura, where it still grows today. According to tradition, Ashoka's wife destroy the original Bodhi Tree due to jealous at the time of emperor spent there. This tree has a frequent destination of pilgrims, being the most important for the four main Buddhist Pilgrimage sites. In the history of Buddhism are the Anandabodhi tree in Sravasti and the Bodhi Tree in Anuradhapura in Srilanka.

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