Information About Bodh Gaya in Bihar

Bodh gaya is a sacred and religious place. It is in gaya district which is part of bihar. It is situated near the bank of river neranjana. This place is famous because gautam buddha is said to have attained enlightement under bodhi tree. Bodh gaya is very important place for buddhists because it is one of the four pilgrimage which is associated with the life of gautam bhuddha. Bodh gaya is famous for its mahabodhi temple and other buddhist temple which belongs to high moral values and culture. Bodh Gaya Resembles a place of peace and Tranquility, a place where Siddhartha became Lord Buddha and founded the religion based on compassion, reason and universal truths. Bodh gaya is a city of mythological importance.

It is a main tourist attraction in the state of bihar. The most important tourist destination in bodh gaya is the magnificent mahabodhi temple. There are the footprints of lord budhha that have been carved in stone under a tree. There are lots of religious and historical attractions in bodh gaya like bodhi tree , thai monastery, great buddha statue, royal bhutan monastry, indosan nippon japanese temple etc. The people of Bodhgaya are generous, religious,soft spoken and kind-hearted. They follow the simple living of monks and have deep faith in the teaching of Buddha.

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