Bodh Gaya , The Incredible Place to Visit Located in State of Bihar

Bodh Gaya is one of the ancient historical and mythological place located in state of Bihar. Gaya delivers its name from the mythological demon gayasur . After many years the word asur has elininated from the word “Gayasur” and the name remains Gaya. It is the only place all community of people I.e Hindu, Jain, Boddh, Islam came to visit giving the lessons of unity among all the communities.

It is the most holy place for the followers of Buddhists all over the world. It is the place where Prince Siddhartha Gautama obtain enlightenment about 2,500 years back, after nine years of monastic life under what become Bodhi tree. Prince Siddhartha become Lord Buddha from forty nine days of continuous meditation. That place is now known as Mahabodhi temple built by emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC. It is one of the earliest Buddhist temple built entirely by bricks and still standind from late Gupta period.

Not only Buddhist, it is also very mythological place for the followers of Hinduism.According to Hindu mythology, in “treta yug” Lord Rama Chandra came in gaya to perform Pind Daan to his father Dashratha for the salvation of his soul and to provide moksha to his father. From that time Gaya has became famous for Pind daan as this Pind Daan rituals is performed by every Hindu followers in Gaya for the salvation of the souls of their ancestors and move them to heaven to get moksha. Also, Lord Vishnu in his mace bearing form win over Gayasur by keeping his foot over him forminf thr panch koshi gaya kshetra , forming most religious land on earth.

It is believed that Gaya has been blessed by pufifactory powers. It has become the one of the most visited place in India. People of all community from all country came here to visit. Also there is facility of many resorts to visit having well facilities at cheap price. To get peace in mind and some rest from todays rush life , come and visit Gaya .

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